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Project: Mask Configurable Intelligent Power Integrated Circuits – Applications

Acronym: McPIC
Main Objective:
The main objective is the development of pre-processed Smart Power IC, configurable by the top metal layer(s), using low-cost standard CMOS technologies. This goal is to be attained through the development of a power switching cells library in a matrix arrangement based in a single NMOS cell. This arrangement should be capable of implementing power conversion, amplification and regulation functions, permitting high reliability and efficient compact solutions, in order to improve the quality of portable equipment.
Personal communication systems and medical equipments, robotics and automotive applications are some of the types of applications envisaged as target for these Smart Power ICs. This methodology enables low cost semi custom designs and new ICs configuration strategies of easy industrial implementation towards Smart Power using standard CMOS technologies.
Reference: POCTI/34424/ESE/2000
Funding: FCT/POCTI
Start Date: 01-01-2001
End Date: 31-12-2004
Team: Mario Jose de Almeida Lanca, Dinis Gomes de Magalhaes dos Santos, Saulo Finco
Local Coordinator: Pedro Nuno Mendonça dos Santos
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