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Project: Logic in Quantum Computation and Information

Acronym: QuanLog
Main Objective:
The main goal of the project is to address and solve some of the many challenging open theoretical problems in the area, as well as to explore some important applications. Significant original results are expected in several aspects of the theory, such as: quantum walks of entangled particles, quantum algorithms in logic, categories of quantum automata and monads, exogenous quantum logic as a combination of logics, compositional analysis of quantum cryptosystems and security protocols.
Reference: POCI/MAT/55796/2004
Funding: FCT/POCI
Start Date: 01-01-2005
End Date: 01-12-2007
Team: Amílcar dos Santos Costa Sernadas, Carlos Manuel Costa Lourenco Caleiro, Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus, Maria Cristina de Sales Viana Serôdio Sernadas, Jaime Arsenio de Brito Ramos, João Filipe Quintas dos Santos Rasga, Luís Cruz-Filipe, Nikola Paunkovic, Pedro Miguel dos Santos Alves Madeira Adão, Yasser Rashid Revez Omar
Local Coordinator: Amílcar dos Santos Costa Sernadas
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