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Project: Devices and techniques for optical processing in high bit-rate networks

Acronym: THRONE
Main Objective:
The main objectives of the project are:
- Identify the main limitations associated with high capacity optical communications.
- Investigate and promote new technological solutions for the identified limitations.
- Investigate and promote new devices for low cost passive all-optical processing.
- Implementation of a state of the art FBG fabrication system.
- Experimental evaluation of the proposed solutions with the presentation of prototypes and with an experimental assessment.
Reference: PTDC/EEA-TEL/66840/2006
Funding: FCT/PTDC
Start Date: 01-11-2007
End Date: 01-10-2010
Team: Rogério Nunes Nogueira, Paulo Miguel Nepomuceno Pereira Monteiro, Antonio Luis Jesus Teixeira, Paulo Sergio de Brito Andre, Mário Jose Neves de Lima, Rui Fernando Gomes de Sousa Ribeiro, Ana Patrícia Santos Ferreira
Groups: Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Av
Partners: Nokia Siemens Networks
Local Coordinator: Rogério Nunes Nogueira
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