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Project: Plastic Optical Fibers with Embedded Active Polymers for Data Communications

Acronym: POLYCOM
Main Objective:
Development of low-loss polymer optical fibers and waveguides with integrated gain and ultrafast optical switching functionalities.
The work to be carried out by IT researchers (under the contract signed by Instituto Superior Tecnico) involves the synthesis of novel conjugated luminescent polymers to be dispersed in Plastic Optical Fibers (POFs) matrices (e.g. PMMA). The development of low loss POFs matrices is also part of IT contribution
Reference: 026365
Funding: EU
Start Date: 01-05-2006
End Date: 30-04-2009
Team: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado, Luís Joaquim Alcácer, Rui Teives Henriques
Groups: Organic Electronics – Lx
Partners: Politecnico di Milano (project Co-ordinator), University of Sheffield, Imperial College (London), University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Luceat S.p.A
Local Coordinator: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado
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