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Project: Listening Dolphins and Measuring the Water Quality where they Live

Acronym: GOA
Main Objective:
The project main objective is to promote new connections between National Research Institutes, such as Instituto de Telecomunicações and the research units of the Portuguese Polytechnic Schools and groups of professor and students from Secondary Schools in the area of interdisciplinary research of environment monitoring. Considering that a bottlenose dolphin community is localized in the Sado Estuary the project propose an interdisciplinary research associated with dolphin behavior monitoring through underwater sounds acquisition and processing and at the same time the monitoring of the water quality in Sado Estuary in order to obtain correlations between the dolphin life behavior an aquatic environment conditions. An important component of the project is to realize multimedia presentation related to the systems for dolphin and water quality monitoring and the experimental data obtained during the field monitoring session or obtained in the laboratory conditions.
Reference: CV-1572-2006
Funding: Ciência Viva
Start Date: 01-04-2006
End Date: 01-06-2008
Team: Octavian Postolache, José Miguel Costa Dias Pereira, Pedro Manuel Brito da Silva Girão
Groups: Instrumentation and Measurements – Lx
Partners: Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Setubal, Fundacao Escola Profissional de Setubal
Local Coordinator: Octavian Postolache
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