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Project: Benchmarking of Integrated Lens Antenna Design and Manufacturig

Main Objective:
To benchmark IT and IETR lens design methods, lens analysis and design tools, manufacturing technologies, measurement facilities and results. The output of the project will be used to improve the design and prediction tools that are being developed in both institutes.
Start Date: 01-01-2006
End Date: 01-12-2009
Team: Carlos Antonio Cardoso Fernandes, Jorge Manuel Lopes Leal Rodrigues da Costa, Ronan Sauleau, Gael Godi, Carla Sofia dos Reis Medeiros, Eduardo Jorge da Costa Brás Lima
Groups: Antennas and Propagation – Lx
Partners: IETR - Univ. Rennes, France
Local Coordinator: Carlos Antonio Cardoso Fernandes
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Associated Publications