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Project: Photovoltaic cells based on conducting polymers and anthocyanins

Acronym: Conducting polymers
Main Objective:
The main goal of this project is the development of active layers made of conjugated polymers and anthocyanin dyes for the fabrication of efficient photovoltaic cells. In order to achieve this main goal, the partial objectives to be attain are:
i) selection of electron donor (conjugated polymer) – electron acceptor (anthocyanin) pairs showing efficient charge transfer in the excited state.
ii) optimisation of the conjugated polymers-anthocyanin composites in terms of composition and film morphology with a view to maximise the photoinduced charge transfer,
iii) fabrication of photovoltaic cells based on such composites, with an assessment of the charge transport efficiency;
iv) synthesis of double cables made of conjugated polymers main chain with anthocyanin side groups and comparison of their photophysics with that of the corresponding composites;
v) fabrication of photovoltaic cells based on such double cable systems;
vi) Assessment of the relative performance of PVs based on the two approaches: composites vs doubel cable.
Reference: POCI/CTM/58767/2004
Funding: FCT/POCI
Start Date: 01-07-2005
End Date: 30-06-2008
Team: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado, Ana Maria de Matos Charas
Groups: Organic Electronics – Lx
Partners: Centro de Quimica Estrutural - IST (Coordinator), IT- Aveiro, Universidade de Trás-os Montes e Alto-Douro, Universidade do Algarve
Local Coordinator: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado

Associated Publications