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Project: Integration of Heterogeneous Access Networks in a 4G Architecture

Acronym: HAN-4G
Main Objective:
The project aims to address issues on heteregenous integrated networks: (1) integration between infrastructure and ad-hoc networks; (2) integration between 802.16 networks and fixed wired (Ethernet) and wireless networks (802.11 in managed and ad-hoc mode); (3) integration of unidirectional broadcast networks in operator networks; (4) seamless and fast mobility with QoS support between each access technology.
Reference: IT/LA/300/2005
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-09-2005
End Date: 31-08-2007
Team: Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar, Susana Isabel Barreto Miranda Sargento, António Navarro Rodrigues, Luis Filipe Mesquita Nero Moreira Alves
Groups: Telecommunications and Networking – Av, Radio Systems – Av, Integrated Circuits – Av
Local Coordinator: Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar
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