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Project: Magnetic Induction Tomography - Development of the instrumentation and measuring methods for biomedical applications.

Acronym: TIM
Main Objective:
The aim of the project is to assess the use of Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) as a means to measure relevant biomedical information, and specifically to evaluate its applicability in the measurement of impedance plethysmography (change of tissue volumes in the body), cardiac activity through impedance cardiology (ICG) and spatial localization of malignant tumors. To this end our intent is to develop new approaches to the solution of the direct and inverse problems, design a multifrequency and multisensor MIT device, evaluate the optimal excitation pattern, develop new image reconstruction algorithms, evaluate the safety operation constraints regarding the use of a MIT device on living tissue and experimentally assess the viability of the MIT technology for impedance plethysmography, ICG and tumor location.
Reference: POSC/EEA-ESE/60397/2004
Funding: FCT/POSC
Start Date: 01-06-2005
End Date: 01-06-2008
Team: António Manuel da Cruz Serra, Pedro Manuel Brito da Silva Girão, Artur Fernando Delgado Lopes Ribeiro, Helena Maria dos Santos Geirinhas Ramos, Raúl Daniel Lavado Carneiro Martins, Pedro Miguel Pinto Ramos, Francisco André Corrêa Alegria, Ricardo Tomé, Nuno Gonçalo Bandeira Brás
Groups: Telecommunications and Networking – Av, Instrumentation and Measurements – Lx
Local Coordinator: António Manuel da Cruz Serra
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