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Project: Ride2Autonomy

Acronym: Ride2Autonomy
Main Objective:
The aim of Ride2Auronomy project is to help to develop new mobility concepts for passengers leading to healthier, safer, more accessible, sustainable, cost-effective, and demand-responsive transport, everywhere. Demonstrating the integration of shuttles into public transport will be the hallmark of this project including interfacing with other modes by offering multimodality to the passengers. Ten diverse pilots will be realised to test the performance of shared, innovative automated mobility solutions in cities with various sizes and technological/ economic/ geographical status as well as to analyse the safety, socio-economic and environmental impacts, and the acceptance of such solutions by their users and society.

The Ride2Autonomy project aims to harmonise research and innovation efforts around automated shuttles solutions by assembling the lessons learned not just from the project’s ten pilot sites from eight EU Member States plus the UK, but also from several further sites that have expressed their willingness to exchange their knowledge and lessons learned through their own demonstration projects and activities.
Region of Intervention: Europe, Aveiro and 9 more cities
Reference: EU - H2020 (PILOT)
Funding: EU
Approval Date: 01-01-2021
Start Date: 15-04-2021
End Date: 17-11-2022
Team: Susana Isabel Barreto Miranda Sargento, Pedro Filipe Vieira Rito, Nuno Miguel Abreu Luís
Groups: Network Architectures and Protocols – Av
Partners: Camara Municipal de Aveiro, Ubiwhere, 9 cidades europeias e respetivos parceiros
Local Coordinator: Susana Isabel Barreto Miranda Sargento

Associated Publications