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Project: Route 25 - Agenda for Autonomous, Intelligent, Interoperable and Inclusive Mobility

Acronym: Route25
Main Objective:
Route 25 builds and expands on very mature and well tested technologies with high TRL to address the aforementioned market needs. The total addressable market are all companies that build their businesses on connected cars, buses, trucks, autonomous vehicles telematics units, dash-cams, handhelds, drones, robots, industrial machines and other moving things. The products and services accelerated by Route 25 enable these prospective customers and their end customers to transfer 10x more and better quality data intelligently to/from the cloud, while setting the stage for a plethora of new local interactions among devices and their users. Knowing that all networking aspects are taken care of intelligently with a simple subscription based on devices, data and/or interactions, those companies can focus on what they do best: train their extensive AI algorithms better, use better information to run their operations, and invent new products, services and businesses that delight their customers. Within the infrastructure space, network operators will also benefit from Route 25, because they can now offer a wide range of communication services tailored to IoT players that utilise their various network assets in the most efficient and profitable way. In particular, they can finally achieve close-to-perfect load balancing across networks, times and locations, providing the best-connected experience to both people and things. Route 25 further leads to an overall ecosystem growth with network effects powered by intelligent networking in a much more sustainable and equitable way. End customers thrive, from mobility service providers to industries of all kinds. And ultimately, the planet is more sustainable due to much more energy efficient mobility systems and infrastructures, and millions of people are able to lead happier and healthier lives.

As such, Route 25 will seek to answer some important questions: How can Portugal adapt to stay relevant in the mobility industry? What is Portugal’s role in the European and global mobility? Where do we place Portugal’s mobility in the near future? Will Portugal’s industry be disrupted, or will it be part of the revolution?
Reference: 29
Funding: IAPMEI
Approval Date: 26-07-2022
Start Date: 01-10-2022
End Date: 30-09-2025
Team: Joaquim José de Castro Ferreira, Susana Isabel Barreto Miranda Sargento, Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar, Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar, Pedro Filipe Vieira Rito, Duarte Miguel Garcia Raposo, Nuno Miguel Abreu Luís, Carlos Roberto Senna, Paulo Jorge de Campos Bartolomeu, João Almeida, José Rafael Quevedo Rego
Groups: Embedded Systems – Av, Network Architectures and Protocols – Av, Networked Systems – Po, Telecommunications and Networking – Av
Partners: Capgemini Engineering, Wavecom, NOS, Vodafone, Ubiwhere
Local Coordinator: Joaquim José de Castro Ferreira

Associated Publications