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Project: Open platform for advanced computation in energy systems for research and industrial applications

Acronym: Open-Pace
Main Objective:
Advanced computation techniques, such as artificial intelligence and predictive control, are highly advantageous, but require high computational power. This limits their feasibility in real-time control processes, such as energy conversion applications.
These techniques are currently not accessible to all the scientific and industrial community since controllers appropriate to their execution are expensive and difficult to program.
This project aims to develop an open control platform, with high performance, low cost, and easy programming. This platform aims to democratize access to advanced computation techniques in energy systems, even in reduced funding conditions - an important contribution to improve research and industrial competitiveness.
The potential of the proposed solution is demonstrated by the interest of two companies: Enging - Make Solutions, SA (co-promoter) and Endiprev, SA, which demonstrate clear interest in a commercial exploitation of the proposed platform.
Reference: 01/SAICT/2021, Nº 181246
Funding: FEDER
Start Date: 01-07-2022
End Date: 30-06-2023
Team: André Manuel dos Santos Mendes, Luis Miguel Antunes Caseiro
Groups: Power Systems – Co
Partners: Enging - Make Solutions, SA
Local Coordinator: André Manuel dos Santos Mendes

Associated Publications