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Project: Quantum Entanglement in High Energy Physics

Acronym: QEntHEP
Main Objective:
This project has two main goals: to investigate the generation of entanglement in particle physics mechanisms, such as quark and neutrino mixing; and two study the scattering of n-particle systems as a quantum networks, where the unitary scattering operators are viewed as quantum gates.
Region of Intervention: Lisboa
Reference: CERN/FIS-COM/0036/2019
Funding: FCT
Approval Date: 19-10-2022
Start Date: 01-01-2022
End Date: 30-06-2023
Team: Gonçalo Martins Quinta, João Carlos Carvalho de Sá Seixas, Yasser Rashid Revez Omar
Groups: Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies - Lx
Partners: None
Local Coordinator: Gonçalo Martins Quinta
Associated Publications