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Project: ElectroMagnetic LAYER-wise testING for powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing

Main Objective:
Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) has matured from a prototyping technology to become an option when producing functional, lightweight, or highly
complex parts e.g., in the aerospace and biomedical industry. The challenge has now shifted to the process qualification and the required Quality Control (QC). In-situ QC has been
tried with different sensing approaches, to gather layer wise process signatures allowing the indirect assessment of defective conditions. Taking advantage of the electrical
conductivity difference between powder and consolidated metal, Eddy Current Testing (ECT) has been proposed for the direct assessment of relevant PBF defective conditions.
Contactless layer-wise imaging was demonstrated with ECT sensor arrays probes installed on the machinery recoater. This experimentally demonstrated ability brings important
benefits, potentially shared with other Electromagnetic (EM) methods. Other EM methods and operation at different RF spectrum may provide potentially relevant and
complementary data to ECT. In parallel, Deep Learning (DL) has brought new possibilities on the inversion from EM multi-method data. EMLAYERING aims at revealing the full
potential of EM testing for the PBF layer-wise QC by: exploring different contactless EM methods to complement ECT; proposing EM multi-method array probes with high spatial
resolution; leveraging DL for detection and characterization of defective conditions. The goal is to attain the scientific knowledge on EM multi-method NDT needed to demonstrate
high-resolution EM multi-method array probes and DL combined potential for the PBF layer-wise QC.
Reference: EXPL/EEI-EEE/0394/2021
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 01-01-2022
End Date: 30-06-2023
Team: Luís Filipe Soldado Granadeiro Rosado, Pedro Miguel Pinto Ramos, Fernando Manuel Tim Tim Janeiro, Telmo Jorge Gomes dos Santos, Miguel Machado
Groups: Instrumentation and Measurements – Lx
Partners: INESC Microsistemas e Nanotecnologias, NOVA.ID.FCT
Local Coordinator: Luís Filipe Soldado Granadeiro Rosado
Associated Publications