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Project: 5G/SDN Intelligent Systems For LOw latencY V2X communications in cross-Domain mobility

Acronym: FLOYD
Main Objective:
Connected vehicles are set to become a pervasive reality in the next few years. Still, providing seamless connectivity and computing services to vehicles is a challenging task as it requires the coordinated action of numerous players and the integration of their respective technologies.
FLOYD aims at building such a technological stack for offering high-performance network/computation services to vehicular users. Through the collaboration between complementary R&D industrial and academic entities, it will develop, validate and exploit a set of componentes and technologies addressing multiple unanswered challenges regarding the integration between vehicular and network communications. The proposed solutions cover a significant part of the relevant functional domains, namely: V2X network slicing orchestration; proactive management strategies for uninterrupted connectivity to mobile/vehicular users; new physical and MAC technologies; edge, cloud and hybrid computing approaches; resource allocation strategies; seamless mobility between public and non-public networks. Finally, FLOYD aims to build an integrated demonstrator able to showcase the coordinated operation of all these components in a real-world use-case scenario.
These technological research and development lines are designed around two main driving forces: Artificial Intelligence and Platooning Applications. FLOYD will explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence in multiple technological domains, by identifying processes in mobility, autonomy or network operation that follow complex behaviors and thus require or have considerable potential to benefit from an intelligent learning approach. Underlying all the technological development, a down-to-earth, practical-utility use-case of vehicular platooning motivates the developed applications, testbed and demonstrator.
Reference: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-045912
Start Date: 02-01-2021
End Date: 30-06-2023
Team: Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar
Groups: Networked Systems – Po
Local Coordinator: Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar
Associated Publications