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Project: High-capacity optical transmission infrastructure to support 5G communications and beyond

Acronym: Opt5G+
Main Objective:
At the technical level, the main objectives of the Opt5G+ project are summarized in the following:
- development, implementation and prototyping of a highly-spectral efficiency transceiver for high-capacity fiber-based optical fronthauling;
- development and experimental validation of machine-learning algorithms for the mitigation of nonlinear phenomena associated realistic optical transceivers;
- development, implementation and prototyping of an advanced free-space optics transmission link for ultra-high-capacity wireless backhauling.
Reference: 100010434
Funding: La Caixa Foundation
Start Date: 01-05-2020
End Date: 30-04-2023
Team: Fernando Pedro Pereira Guiomar
Groups: Optical Communications Systems – Av
Partners: N/A
Local Coordinator: Fernando Pedro Pereira Guiomar
Associated Publications