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Project: Advanced Features for Multi-Haul Optical Transmission Systems

Acronym: advMH-2020
Main Objective:
Literature Review
Characterized by the state of the art review for a specific R&D topic in top peer review journals and conferences in the field
System Modeling Simulations
Characterized by numerical simulations at system level using Idea!’s simulation tool and IT infrastructure;
The numerical simulations will be agreed executed after agreement on system specs
Practical System/DSP Feasibility
Characterized by drafting architecture at system level and/or at DSP level towards practical implementation at the device level
As an example, in ASIC design a draft architecture would include the list of DSP functions connected, degree of parallelism, clock scheme, bit representation.
Experimental Setup
Characterized by execution of experimental measurements using Instituto de Telecomunicações testbed for high gigabaud optical systems
Three rounds of data measurement whose deliverable dates may be updated during project
Reference: Idea!
Funding: Idea! Eletronic Systems
Start Date: 01-01-2020
End Date: 30-06-2020
Team: Fernando Pedro Pereira Guiomar, Marco André Tavares Fernandes, Bruno Tavares Brandão
Groups: Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Av
Partners: Idea! Electronic Systems
Local Coordinator: Fernando Pedro Pereira Guiomar

Associated Publications