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Project: SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 017787 - Mobile Ubiquitous Small Cells for Low-cost Energy and Spectrum efficient cloud service delivery

Acronym: MUSCLES
Main Objective:
Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Synthesis: In the competitive environment of mobile communications sector, all issues related to optimization and cost reduction are of utmost importance. In this context, MUSCLES project aims to investigate, and implement a software platform that supports the autonomous management of self-organizing LTE-A networks, which is capable of automatic detection and resolution of issues that are currently manually handled by mobile operators, thereby reducing the operating costs (OPEX) substantially.
The project commits to the creation of tangible outputs, this includes not only implementations and showcases, but also the creation of commercially exploitable intellectual property. By definition, MUSCLES is a research not a development project, however a number of products are envisaged:

- Self-organizing on-demand mobile small cell;
- A system level simulator (SLS), which can serve as an experimental platform to investigate new complicated scenarios;
- A new Software product for automatic management of mobile networks, based on the latest SON algorithms;
- A SW tool for the design of dense backhaul/access networks operating at mmwave frequencies based on GIS information and a variety of installation and operation constraints;
- New business models built on top of the disruptive network structure, where services provide a sophisticated, solely IP-based audio-visual content delivery system to the content provider with transparent and seamless handover to the mobile operators’ network.

Eligible Costs: 749 878,66 € (Total) / 187 708,92 € (IT)

Funding (FEDER - COMPETE 2020): 424 307,57 € (Total) / 140 781,69 € (IT)
Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-017787
Funding: P2020
Start Date: 01-11-2016
End Date: 31-10-2019
Team: Ayman Mohamed Metwally Radwan
Groups: Mobile Systems - Av
Local Coordinator: Ayman Mohamed Metwally Radwan
Associated Publications