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Project: Wideband Power Amplifier Design Methodologies

Acronym: XiongJi
Main Objective:
The main objectives of this project are to investigate design methodologies for high power / high efficiency wideband power amplifiers, which involves many aspects,such as: device modelling, simulation techniques, design strategies, measurement techniques and verification methods.
Reference: 0000
Funding: Huawei Technologies Sweden
Start Date: 01-06-2019
End Date: 31-08-2020
Team: Luís Carlos Cótimos Nunes, Pedro Miguel da Silva Cabral, José Carlos Esteves Duarte Pedro, Telmo Reis Cunha, Filipe Miguel Esturrenho Barradas
Groups: Wireless Circuits – Av
Partners: Huawei Technologies Sweden, AB
Local Coordinator: Luís Carlos Cótimos Nunes

Associated Publications