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Project: Datacenter Resilience Increase through Fault Tolerance in UPS systems

Acronym: DRIFT
Main Objective:
Investigate the possibility of increasing the resilience of datacenters, by proposing the use of fault-tolerant UPS systems, which offer higher reliability than conventional units and therefore improve the availability of the datacenter. To fulfill the main objective of this project and demonstrate the advantages of fault tolerance in datacenter UPS systems, three main research goals must be pursued:
• The development of fault diagnosis algorithms for the most common causes of UPS failure;
• The development of fault tolerance techniques that allow the most common UPS faults to be corrected, allowing the module to remain in operation;
• The development and optimization of a fully functional prototype, aiming to reach a high technology readiness level, which effectively demonstrates the advantages and market potential of the proposed technological solutions.
Reference: SAICT-45-2017-POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029112 - PTDC/EEI-EEE/29112/2017
Start Date: 26-07-2018
End Date: 25-07-2021
Team: André Manuel dos Santos Mendes, Luis Miguel Antunes Caseiro, Tiago José Leitão de Oliveira, Diogo Henrique de Castro Caires, Sérgio Manuel Ângelo da Cruz, Marina Mendes Sargento Domingues Perdigao
Groups: Power Systems – Co
Partners: IT
Local Coordinator: André Manuel dos Santos Mendes

Associated Publications