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Project: Nonreciprocal and topological electromagnetics

Acronym: TopElect
Main Objective:
Study novel mechanisms to break the Lorentz reciprocity and the topological properties of nonreciprocal photonic platforms.
Reference: HarveyPrize2018
Funding: The IET: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Start Date: 01-01-2019
End Date: 31-12-2023
Team: Mário Goncalo Mestre Verissimo Silveirinha, Tiago André Nogueira Morgado, Sylvain Arnaud Lannebere, Filipa Isabel Rodrigues Prudêncio, Solange Vieira da Silva, Iuliia Rybalko, Muzzamal Iqbal Shaukat, João Leandro Câmara Serra, Daigo Oue, Paloma Arroyo Huidobro, David Emanuel Dias Fernandes, Hafssaa Latioui
Groups: Antennas and Propagation – Lx, Antennas and Propagation – Co
Partners: None
Local Coordinator: Mário Goncalo Mestre Verissimo Silveirinha

Associated Publications
  • 2Papers in Conferences
  • F. Prudêncio, M. G. Silveirinha, Replicating physical motion with Minkowskian isorefractive spacetime crystals, Simons Foundation the collaboration on extreme wave phenomena based on symmetries annual meeting, New York city, United States, Vol., pp. -, October, 2023 | BibTex
  • F. Prudêncio, M. G. Silveirinha, Travelling-Wave Spacetime Crystals, XXXVth General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI GASS 2023), Sapporo, Japan, Vol., pp. -, August, 2023,
    | Abstract
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