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Project: SI I&DT Copromoção - Projeto de I&D à Escala Europeia Nr. 037930 - TRUST - Transportation and Road monitoring system for UbiquitouS real-Time information services

Acronym: TRUST
Main Objective:
Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Synthesis: The TRUST project aims to develop a meteorological and environmental monitoring system, capable of identifying and alert risk conditions, in roads equipped with ITS technologies infrastructures and through communication between vehicles and Infrastructure, to drivers in circulation, of the danger of accidents in specific locations enabling the reduction of incidents and associated fatalities.

The continuous increase of vehicles circulating around the world has raised a number of issues, making it a prominent theme of national and international political agendas due to its direct impact toward energy consumption, air pollution, accidents and traffic congestion that largely affects urban areas. To avoid these problems, various strategies have been adopted in order to mitigate the harmful and dangerous effects of road traffic growth. Bad weather conditions are also another major cause of road accidents, especially in rainy and wet conditions, therefore a constant monitoring through vehicular communications, the Internet of Things, Sensing, Cloud Computing and Big Data Will certainly contribute to a drastic reduction of this typology of incidents.

Being this a major topic, TRUST project intends to invest in an innovative system, that with a strong consortium, composed by two companies and a reputed Research and Scientific Entity, will exploit the emerging market for software solutions.
Additionally, TRUST project is part of the SARWS project that is an European EUREKA program initiative labelled by the CelticPlus Office. The TRUST Project "Portugal 2020", proposed here, will also serve to finance the Portuguese participation in the SARWS international project.

Eligible Costs: 722 344,59 € (Total) / 260 910,14 € (IT)

Funding (FEDER - COMPETE 2020): 498 018,47 € (Total) / 195 682,61 € (IT)
Reference: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-037930
Funding: P2020
Approval Date: 17-07-2018
Start Date: 01-10-2018
End Date: 30-04-2022
Team: Joaquim José de Castro Ferreira, João Miguel Pereira de Almeida, Paulo Bacelar Reis Pedreiras, Valter Filipe Miranda Castelão da Silva, Paulo Alexandre Ferreira Neto Alves Afonso, Paulo Jorge de Campos Bartolomeu
Groups: Embedded Systems – Av
Local Coordinator: Joaquim José de Castro Ferreira

Associated Publications