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Project: NEURON-Electrically conductive platforms for neural stem cell culture and differentiation

Acronym: NEURON
Main Objective:
NEURON aims to develop novel polymer-based platforms for electro-stimulation of neural stem cells directing
their organization, morphology and differentiation into committed functional tissue. The project innovation action
encompasses three vectors:
1. Novel electrically conductive polymeric/composite materials with enhanced biocompatibility, adhesion motives and
with tailored stiffness, biodegradability and transparency.
2. Novel 3D electrically conductive scaffolds with tailored topologies, using 3D extrusion, direct printing and
3. Novel stimuli-controlled growth factors and small molecules delivery systems to be integrated in such platforms.
Reference: PTDC/CTM-CTM/30237/2017
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 01-10-2018
End Date: 30-09-2021
Team: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado, Ana Maria de Matos Charas, Quirina Alexandra Tavares Ferreira, Laura Sordini, António Luis Gonçalves de Aguiar, Luis Filipe Ferreira Morgado
Groups: Organic Electronics – Lx
Partners: IST-ID (iBB)
Local Coordinator: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado

Associated Publications