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Project: Development of a medical device based on ultrasounds for objective cataract characterization and optimal phacoemulsification energy evaluation

Main Objective:
This proposal aims to develop a medical device for cataract surgery and clinician support in order to access the hardness of any type of cataract and its location, and determine the optimal phacoemulsification energy level in real-time. Pre-clinical studies have already been performed in vitro, in porcine lens, and in vivo in rat?s animal models simulating different types of cataract. Following the excellent obtained results, a medical device prototype was developed for early cataract detection, automatic classification and non-invasive hardness estimation, based on an animal model for nuclear cataract, which is the cataract associated with the higher rate of surgical complications. With this project the researchers intend to evolve the prototype for use in humans, developing the necessary methodologies for early cataract diagnosis, hardness evaluation and surgery support. For that goal, a clinical trial will be set up with a representative number of patients.
Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-028758
Start Date: 26-06-2018
End Date: 26-07-2022
Team: Marco Alexandre Cravo Gomes, Carlos Daniel Silva Pinto, Fernando Manuel Santos Perdigao, Lorena Itati Petrella, Jaime Baptista dos Santos, Miguel Caixinha, Mário João Simões Ferreira dos Santos, Sandrina Gonçalves Nunes, António Miguel Lino Santos Morgado, António Travassos, Ana Sofia Travassos, Robert van Velze
Groups: Multimedia Signal Processing – Co
Partners: Universidade de Coimbra
Local Coordinator: Marco Alexandre Cravo Gomes

Associated Publications