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Project: Quantum Primitives for Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Acronym: QuantumMining
Main Objective:
QuantumMining project is going to pave the way on the development of a radically
new generation of cryptographic technologies, based on the realization of both highspeed
and secure quantum oblivious transfer (QOT) cryptographic primitive. QOT is
a basic cryptographic primitive which can be used to construct any secure multiparty
computation protocol, including privacy preserving data mining. We are going to design
and implement a QOT protocol over optical fibers, and we are going to integrate this
quantum primitive with a privacy preserving Genome data mining service. Privacy
preserving data mining cryptographic tools associated to genome databases can enable
a revolution in health care services, enabling personalized medicine, and helping on the
discovery of novel genome-phenome associations. However, this major breakthrough
has had limited impact due to the inefficiency of the privacy algorithms used for data
mining in very large Genome data sets.
Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-031826
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 01-09-2018
End Date: 28-02-2022
Team: Armando Humberto Moreira Nolasco Pinto, Rogério Nunes Nogueira, Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus, Chrysoula Vlachou, Daowen Qiu, Manuel Maria Trigueiros Sampaio Batalha dos Santos, Nuno Alexandre Peixoto Silva, Nelson de Jesus Cordeiro Muga, André Nuno Carvalho Souto, Nikola Paunkovic, Celestino Sanches Martins, Margarida Facão, Somayeh Ziaie, Preeti Yadav
Groups: Optical Quantum Communications – Av, Security and Quantum Information - Lx
Local Coordinator: Armando Humberto Moreira Nolasco Pinto

Associated Publications