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Project: Supramolecular assemblies for efficient, stable, and sustainable organic solar cells

Main Objective:
This project targets novel electronically active organic materials with self-assembly
functionality to fabricate organic photovoltaic devices with enhanced efficiency. The
two types of active components in solar cells, electron-donating and electron-accepting
compounds, will be synthesised as small molecules and non-fullerenes. Supramolecular
interactions between the components will be used as a tool to improve the active layer
morphology and enhance the device performance and lifetime. The new compounds
will be soluble in aqueous or environmentally friendly solvents so that their application in
solar cells do not pose toxicity issues. Ultimately, photovoltaic devices incorporating the
new compounds will be fabricated and the most efficient ones will be tested in large-area
all-printed devices.
Reference: PTDC/QUI-QOR/28365/2017
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 16-07-2018
End Date: 30-09-2021
Team: Ana Maria de Matos Charas, Joana Margarida Tavares Farinhas, Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado, Luís Joaquim Alcácer, Quirina Alexandra Tavares Ferreira, Cristiana Isabel Violante da Costa, Bárbara Luis de Oliveira
Groups: Organic Electronics – Lx
Partners: IST-ID
Local Coordinator: Ana Maria de Matos Charas

Associated Publications