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Project: Carrier Aggregation between Licensed Exclusive and Licensed Shared Access Frequency Bands in Heterogeneous Networks with Small Cells

Main Objective:
To provide a solution towards meeting new and ever more stringent end-user requirements, mobile stakeholders are preparing the 5G technology of mobile broadband networking. 5G will be characterized by ultra-high traffic volume density, ultra-high connection density or ultra-high mobility, moving from a cell centric to a user-centric technology.
This research explores the Carrier Aggregation technique to obtain high spectral efficiency, through the massification of small cells (SCs), together with new network technologies like C-RAN. Scenarios with exclusive spectrum access and spectrum sharing will be explored. Spectrum sharing assumes that two or more mobile operators/carriers have dedicated spectrum for macro cellular layer while SCs will use exclusive shared spectrum (by paying a fee) or share the access to non-licensed spectrum in an opportunist manner. Both terrestrial cellular scenarios and HetNets with drones small cells will be investigated, and some tests will be done with programmable electronic envisaging demonstrating the concept in real environments. Entrepreneurship is also a target and training will be provided in the venues of the CONQUEST Workshops. Cost/revenue optimization is one of the final goals of the research.
IT will contribute with analytical formulations, simulation, carrier aggregation, inclusion of spectrum sharing, hardware testing in the ORCIP platform (an FCT infrastructure recently approved, which will provide equipment and measurement instruments for testing, as well as support for real operation of the HetNet infrastructure,, design and implementation of the drones small cells and cost/revenue optimization, entrepreneurship and business strategies. IT will also provide the required interactions to PDMFC, the Portuguese SME that is interested in exploring the technology.
Reference: CMU/ECE/0030/2017
Funding: FCT/ CMU
Start Date: 01-09-2018
End Date: 31-12-2019
Team: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez, Pedro Joaquim Amaro Sebastião, Edmundo Monteiro, Marília Pascoal Curado
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Partners: CISUC, CMU (Department of EPP)
Local Coordinator: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez

Associated Publications