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Project: Coordinated Spectrum Sharing for Opportunistic Access

Acronym: CoSHARE
Main Objective:
CoSHARE is focused on the technological challenges related with the spectrum shared access at tier-three. Due to access coordination, the spectrum may be used in an efficient way by reducing the aggregate interference caused to a receiver by multiple transmitters operating simultaneously in the same band. But managing interference in an opportunistic Coordinated Spectrum Sharing environment is difficult, because the Spectrum Access Systems (SAS) need to coordinate spectrum usage over large geographical areas and for multiple purposes, not merely at a single location where the receiver is located.

The challenges addressed in CoSHARE can be summarized as follows:
- How to model the aggregate interference caused by multiple authorized transmitters to support the SAS's decision to authorize new accesses?
- How the interference information can be used to optimize the spectrum resource management?
Reference: 02/SAICT/2017-030709
Start Date: 01-06-2018
End Date: 31-01-2022
Team: Rodolfo Alexandre Duarte Oliveira, António Eduardo Carreiro Furtado, Luís Filipe Lourenço Bernardo, Paulo da Costa Luis da Fonseca Pinto, Paulo Miguel Araújo Borges Montezuma de Carvalho, Rui Miguel Henriques Dias Morgado Dinis, Luis Miguel do Rosário Írio, Marko Beko, Diyar Salah Fadhil
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Partners: Instituto de Telecomunicações
Local Coordinator: Rodolfo Alexandre Duarte Oliveira

Associated Publications