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Project: Point Cloud Compression and Quality Evaluation

Acronym: PCCOMPQ
Main Objective:
This project is focused on the research of point cloud representation and coding techniques, in the framework of JPEG and MPEG ongoing standardization efforts, for the coding and representation of new 3D rich modalities of images and video.

Specific research topics will be the optimization of the octree partition, the intra coding and the quality evaluation of point cloud representation of images and video.
Reference: UID/EEA/50008/2013
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 01-05-2017
End Date: 01-04-2018
Team: Fernando Jose Pimentel Lopes, Luis Alberto da Silva Cruz, António Manuel Gonçalves Pinheiro
Groups: Multimedia Signal Processing – Co, Multimedia Signal Processing – Co, Multimedia Signal Processing – Cv
Partners: FCT
Local Coordinator: Fernando Jose Pimentel Lopes

Associated Publications