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Project: Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning from Big Data

Acronym: LearnBIG
Main Objective:
The main objectives of this project are:
1. Develop new algorithms for large-scale unsupervised and weakly-supervised learning for sequences;
2. Improve the state of the art in representation-based learning;
3. Adapt and develop new online clustering algorithms to streaming data;
4. Apply the proposed techniques to real-world problems in the domains of bio-signal analysis and text processing.
Reference: PTDC/EEI-SII/7092/2014
Funding: FCT/PTDC
Start Date: 01-05-2016
End Date: 01-06-2018
Team: Ana Luisa Nobre Fred, Mario Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo, Helena Isabel Aidos Lopes, Hugo Humberto Plácido da Silva, André Filipe Torres Martins, Andre Ribeiro Lourenco
Groups: Pattern and Image Analysis – Lx
Partners: Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa, Hospital de Santa Marta, Priberam
Local Coordinator: Ana Luisa Nobre Fred

Associated Publications