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Project: GMF for ITV

Acronym: GMF4ITV
Main Objective:
The overall objective of this proposal is to enhance the technological perspectives of the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) standard by providing a GMFfor iTV. It accelerates the uptake of DVB-MHP and provides an end-to-end platform for interactive services on heterogeneous multimedia devices (STB and PC). The platform will enable the content and service provider to create, manage and, distribute linearily composed, pre-recorded video streams in conjunction with non-linear data and allow interactivity at the end device on object or key-frame level of the content.
Funding: EU
Start Date: 01-05-2002
End Date: 01-09-2005
Team: António Navarro Rodrigues
Groups: Radio Systems – Av
Local Coordinator: António Navarro Rodrigues
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