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Project: Transport Protocol and Resource Management for Mobile Satellite Networks

Acronym: TPSAT
Main Objective:
In this project is developed a transport architecture for reliable end-to-end transfer in satellite networks, as an alternative for overcoming the poor utilisation of satellite links that TCP affords in such environments. The approach followed exploits the ideas of supporting the end-to-end concatenation of arbitrary transport protocols, and of providing and exploiting mechanisms for applications exchange information with a satellite resource manager about their resource requirements. The scope of the project comprises the development and validation of a transport and resource management architecture and of a transport protocol adapted to the satellite link environment, and the implementation and test of a prototype.
Reference: P199
Funding: ESA-ESTEC
Start Date: 01-07-2001
End Date: 06-01-2003
Team: Jose Manuel Rego Lourenco Brazio, Daniel Zaragoza
Groups: Network Architectures and Protocols – Lx
Local Coordinator: Jose Manuel Rego Lourenco Brazio

Associated Publications