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Project: Statistical Characterization of Telecommunications Traffic

Acronym: SCALE
Main Objective:
The objectives of the project can be stated as:
1- To make intesive measurements of telecommunications traffic streams, with emphasis on IP traffic.
2- To select models from the existing literature, and eventually propose new ones, based on the most relevant traffic characteristics.
3- To aplly and develop parameter estimation and diagnostic analysis procedures for the selected models based on the measured telecommunications traffic data
4- To evaluate the adequacy of the models with positive diagnostic analysis in the prediction of network performance parameters.

Reference: POSI/34826/CPS/99
Funding: FCT/POSI
Start Date: 01-01-2001
End Date: 31-07-2001
Team: Carlos Belo, João Paulo Silva Barraca, Rui Jorge Morais Tomaz Valadas, Paulo Jorge Salvador Serra Ferreira, Antonio Manuel Duarte Nogueira, Daniel Zaragoza
Groups: Network Architectures and Protocols – Lx, Telecommunications and Networking – Av
Partners: Centro de Matemática Aplicada do Instituto Supeiror Técnico, Centro de Matemática da Universidade de Aveiro
Local Coordinator: Carlos Belo
Associated Publications