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Project: Integration of Stochastic and Structural Models in Image and Pattern Analysis-Phase II

Acronym: ISSMIA
Main Objective:
The project considers the following remote sensing problems:

1-Acquisition and processing in interferometric synthetic aperture radar
(InSAR) imaging. Algorithms developed and evaluated by simulation
in the first part of the project are now tested with real data. Executable
versions of these algorithms will be made available in the Internet
for comparison purposes.

2-Inverse synthetic aperture (ISAR) problem. The accurate target tracking
demands the estimation of the absolute value of a carrier phase. Previous
work on this area, developed by the team members, will be applied in
various ISAR scenarios.

Reference: TIT/1580/95 fase II
Funding: FCT/POSI
Start Date: 01-06-2001
End Date: 01-01-2003
Team: José Manuel Nunes Leitão, José Manuel Bioucas Dias
Groups: Pattern and Image Analysis – Lx
Partners: Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL)
Local Coordinator: José Manuel Nunes Leitão

Associated Publications