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Project: Crowd-Sourcing de Dispositivos Móveis para o Desenvolvimento de Edge-Clouds

Acronym: Hyrax
Main Objective:
We will aim to develop and demonstrate three new compelling applications: crowd-sourced image search on a distributed photo gallery, crowd-sourced user-generated replays inside a stadium, and crowd-sourced real-time road conditions. What makes these applications novel is that (i) we essentially drive all of the processing to the edge, (ii) the data to be processed is essentially created at the edge, (iii) we build on the idea of dynamic collections of wireless devices in proximity with each other, for a temporary period of time, (iv) we favor performing the computation at the edge over sending all of the data to a central server, and (v) we rely on untrusted devices sharing data with each other, including allowing other devices to query them and to dispatch computation remotely and wirelessly to them. These aspects (i)-(v) are fairly unique, and currently, there does not exist any infrastructure to support these proximity-aware crowd-sourced applications reliably, securely and effectively.
Reference: CMUP-ERI/FIA/0048/2013
Funding: FCT/CMU
Start Date: 01-04-2014
End Date: 01-04-2018
Team: Michel Celestino Paiva Ferreira, Miguel Tavares Coimbra
Groups: Networked Systems – Po, Computer Graphics and Interactive Multimedia - Po
Local Coordinator: Michel Celestino Paiva Ferreira

Associated Publications