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Project: Joint Cooperative and Cognitive Strategies for Heterogeneous Wireless Systems

Acronym: HETCOP
Main Objective:
The main technical objectives of the project are to design, implement and validate a set of techniques that enables efficient coexistence of heterogeneous systems (macro and smallcells). The aim is to design and demonstrate practical joint cooperative and cognitive transmission/reception techniques to improve the user’s fairness and throughput of the entire network. The specific objectives include:
•Design linear precoding techniques to mitigate both intra-system (on each smallcell or macro-cell) and inter-systems (smallcell/macrocell) interferences. We consider that some terminals are equipped with cognitive capabilities to efficient design the precoders, namely the ones used to mitigate the inter-system interference.
•Design joint precoding and detection techniques for uplink to mitigate both intra/inter-system interferences. The aim is to combine the interference alignment with efficient equalization schemes (e.g. IB-DFE based ones).
•Design efficient signaling strategies both for the feedback of wireless link information and distribution among the cooperating network elements, aiming to optimize the trade-off between achieved performance and signaling overhead. Moreover, particular emphasis will be placed on inter-system feedback and quantization strategies.
•Assessment and validation of the proposed downlink and uplink algorithms under realist scenarios, trough a multilink level simulator based on LTE specification.
•Development of an FPGA based testing infrastructure allowing to experimentally show the feasibility of the proposed algorithms. We extend the FPGA infrastructure developed in the previous IT/CELCOP project for the envisioned heterogeneous network. Selected algorithms (the simplest ones) will be tested in this infrastructure.

Besides these technical objectives we also aim and consider of high importance the following objectives,
•Attract students for a career in R&D in the field of telecommunications.
•Promotion of research collaborations between research groups within the Instituto de Telecomunicações.
Reference: PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-04-2014
End Date: 01-07-2016
Team: Adão Paulo Soares da Silva, Atilio Manuel da Silva Gameiro, Rui Miguel Henriques Dias Morgado Dinis, Manuel Alberto Reis de Oliveira Violas, Daniel Filipe Marques Castanheira, Sara Helena Marques Teodoro, Carlos Miguel Nogueira Gaspar Ribeiro, Nuno Manuel Branco Souto
Groups: Mobile Networks – Av, Radio Systems – Lx, Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Av
Local Coordinator: Adão Paulo Soares da Silva

Associated Publications