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Project: Move4Health

Acronym: Move4Health
Main Objective:
Move4Health project is a one year project that aims to improve motor skill abilities of impaired individuals to achieve better control of the body, by means of therapeutic learning tools. Move4Health shows how it is possible to apply a pioneer serious game approach to teach and asses people to physically navigate the world, combining real-time markerless motion capture (MoCap), virtual reality (VR) or 3D environments. Physically navigate the world means that people require considerable skills to control the body for both fine (e.g. writing) and large motor (e.g. walking) movements. Move4Health focuses on large motor skills. Today, most rehabilitation therapies still use non-interactive techniques. This interactive solution targets the health care industry: the games will help individuals to explore their limits and control their physical awareness in a fun way without inducing stress.
Reference: S00987 - Move4Health
Funding: PT Inovação
Start Date: 01-03-2013
End Date: 01-03-2014
Team: Veronica Costa Teixeira Pinto Orvalho
Groups: Computer Graphics and Interactive Multimedia - Po
Partners: PT- Portugal Telecom
Local Coordinator: Veronica Costa Teixeira Pinto Orvalho
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