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Project: Vital Responder: Monitoring Stress among First Responder Professionals

Acronym: Viltal Responder
Main Objective:
As a proof of concept we intend to collaborate with cardiologists on in-depth research of fatigue and stress among first responders subject to critical emergency situations. The aforementioned case study of fire fighter, policeman and paramedic stress evaluation by means of ECG monitoring for which the partnership with the emergency with the emergency room of a state hospital is instrumental , will serve as guiding application. The envisioned wearable monitor for vital signs shall result from the evaluation of the already existing Vital Jacket product, developed by members of our team. Many other medical studies can exploit the sensing and communication infraestructure we are proposing. Conclusions drawn from such studies are likely to have a strong impact on the criteria for job assignment and rotation of first response professionals. For instance, fatigue and stress levels among Policemen can determine whether they stay in the office or are sent out to the streets.
Reference: CMU-PT/CPS/0046/2008
Funding: FCT/CMU
Start Date: 01-01-2009
End Date: 01-12-2012
Team: Miguel Tavares Coimbra, Joao Francisco Cordeiro de Oliveira Barros, Gerhard Maierbacher, Veronica Costa Teixeira Pinto Orvalho, Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar
Groups: Networked Systems – Po
Partners: CMU
Local Coordinator: Miguel Tavares Coimbra

Associated Publications