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Project: LIFEisGAME: LearnIng of Facial Emotions usIng Serious GAMEs

Acronym: LIFEisGAME
Main Objective:
To carry out research that leads to a system capable of facial synthesis in real time with cinematographic quality

To explore different models to define the most adequate tangible user interface to allow an immersive behavior when interacting with people that sufer of ASD

To disseminate results to the public and to the scientific community
Reference: UTA-Est/MAI/0009/2009
Funding: FCT, UT Austin
Start Date: 01-07-2010
End Date: 01-07-2014
Team: Veronica Costa Teixeira Pinto Orvalho, Cristina Queiroz, Jake Aggarwal, Yan Zhang, Miguel Sales Dias
Groups: Computer Graphics and Interactive Multimedia - Po
Partners: Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto, MSFT - Software para Microcomputadores, LDA (Microsoft), University os Texas at Austin (UTA)
Local Coordinator: Veronica Costa Teixeira Pinto Orvalho
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