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Project: HE[eee]SIT[u]ATION: Portuguese Hesitation Models

Acronym: HE[eee]SIT[u]ATION
Main Objective:
The main objective of this work is to establish hesitation models of continuous spoken European Portuguese, that is, to identify the
pertinent linguistic characteristics (features) of the phenomenon that are regular in its production.

Operational objectives are the following:
a) To describe Portuguese hesitation phenomena, under acoustic-prosodic and morphologic-syntactic parameters.

b) To define linguistic rules and models for the automatic identification and handling of hesitations in continuous speech.

c) To create an annotated database of hesitations for the European Portuguese that will be available to the speech and language research community.
Reference: PTDC/CLE-LIN/112411/2009
Funding: FCT/PTDC
Start Date: 01-02-2011
End Date: 01-06-2013
Team: Sara Maria Fernandes Rato e Costa Marques Candeias, Fernando Manuel Santos Perdigao, Arlindo Oliveira da Veiga, Carla Alexandra Calado Lopes, Dirce Fernanda Afonso Celorico
Groups: Multimedia Signal Processing – Co
Local Coordinator: Sara Maria Fernandes Rato e Costa Marques Candeias
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