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Project: New measurements methods in Analog to Digital Converters testing

Acronym: NMMADC
Main Objective:
Phase plane domain model of the ADC behavior will be explored and presented. This model will include frequency dependent phenomena as dynamic hysteresis. A procedure aiming at characterizing the ADC behavior on the phase plane domain will also be developed. The characterization method will resort to dual tone input signal and Fourier Transform based analyses of the output.
Reference: POCTI/ESE/32698/99
Funding: FCT/POCTI
Start Date: 01-10-2000
End Date: 30-09-2003
Team: António Manuel da Cruz Serra, Pedro Manuel Brito da Silva Girão, Helena Maria dos Santos Geirinhas Ramos, Manuel Fonseca da Silva, Maria Conceição Monteiro, Raúl Daniel Lavado Carneiro Martins, Francisco André Corrêa Alegria, Pedro Miguel Pinto Ramos
Groups: Instrumentation and Measurements – Lx
Local Coordinator: António Manuel da Cruz Serra

Associated Publications