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Project: Analysis, Design and Optimization of Future Communications Systems - From Theory to Practice

Main Objective:
The main objective of the research project FUTURE-COM: Analysis, Design and Optimization of Future Communications Systems: From Theory to Practice is to explore a novel framework based on the interplay between information theory and estimation theory in the analysis, design and optimization of communications systems with relevance in practice. The advent of the information age has also been igniting the development of a whole telecommunications infrastructure to support the ubiquitous access to the Internet at ever increasing information rates. The last decade has in fact witnessed an exponential growth in wireless communications systems and services, e.g., 2nd and 3rd generation systems as well as WiFi and WiMax, with this revolution being fuelled by constant technological breakthroughs to enhance transmission performance over the wireless medium. The discipline of information theory has been constantly at the heart of this revolution, since it establishes the fundamental limits of communications systems. Yet, the presence of complex communication system features often precludes system design in a rigorous information-theoretic way due to the lack of appropriate mathematical tools, with system designers often resorting to engineering experience and insight. We propose a different approach: the analysis, design and optimization of communications systems based on connections between the key quantities in information theory and estimation theory. The expected outcomes of this two-year collaborative research project are: i) essential theoretic and practical methodologies to design enhanced communications systems in a rigorous information theoretic way; and ii) novel technical solutions to optimize current telecommunications systems, including WiFi, WiMax and LTE wireless networks, as well as digital subscriber line (DSL) networks. Our research team gathers considerable expertise in a wide range of complementary topics such as information theory, estimation and detection theory and communications systems and networks, all of which are necessary to meet both the theoretical and practical challenges of this research. High level publishable and patentable results are expected.
Reference: IT/LA/430/2008
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-01-2009
End Date: 01-12-2010
Team: Miguel Raul Dias Rodrigues
Local Coordinator: Miguel Raul Dias Rodrigues
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