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Project: SolarNHyMat - Nanostructured Hybrid Materials for Solar Cells

Acronym: NHyMat
Main Objective:
The “SolarNHyMat” project aims to foster essential progress in the performance of organic solar cells devices by covalent incorporation of acceptor molecules on the walls of mesoporous silica nanostructured materials and encapsulation of the donor polymers on the pores of those same silica materials. The key scientific objectives of the “SolarNHyMat” project will be (i) alignment of the acceptors (on the walls) and donors (on the pores), (ii) maximize the interfacial area and the donor:acceptor contact, (iii) isolation of the polymer chains into nanoscale domains leading to a confinement effect, (iv) charge stabilization conduction along individual chains with spontaneous formation of a graded-index waveguide, and (v) circumvent oxygen interference. The expected results for the “SolarNHyMat” project taking into account the above objectives are (i) avoid phase segregation and minimize the recombination process, (ii) improve charge separation and increase carrier’s mobility, (iii) no interchain hopping events would be required, (iv) improve gain and reduce loss, and (v) enhance the long term stability.
Reference: PTDC/CTM/101627/2008
Funding: FCT/PTDC
Start Date: 01-01-2010
End Date: 01-03-2013
Team: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado
Groups: Organic Electronics – Lx
Partners: CQM-Instituto Superior Técnico (Principal Contractor)
Local Coordinator: Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado
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