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Project: Net-PEEC -Network Coding Protocols for Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution

Acronym: Net-PEEC
Main Objective:
The most striking difference between network coded peer]to]peer networks and its classical non]coded
counterpart, is that operations carried out by the nodes are not limited to storing and forwarding copies
of requested fragments. In fact, they are allowed to combine different fragments using linear
combinations, thus mixing and spreading the data among multiple packets. By means of this coding and
dissemination approach, we enhance the degree of diversity in the network and thus increase the
likelihood that packets received from different sources carry useful data that can be decoded for timely
The main goal of this project is thus to exploit the rich body of network coding theory towards
developing highly efficient and robust protocols for content distribution in peer]to]peer networks. The
expected outcomes of this research are (a) an in]depth understanding of the applicability of network
coding to distributed storage and dissemination with particular focus on the requirements imposed by
streaming media, (b) a set of protocols that can be readily used for this task, (c) performance evaluation
both analytically and by means of computer simulation.
Reference: NTT DoCoMo Euro Labs
Funding: DoCoMo
Start Date: 01-01-2008
End Date: 01-12-2009
Team: Joao Francisco Cordeiro de Oliveira Barros
Local Coordinator: Joao Francisco Cordeiro de Oliveira Barros
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