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Project: Information Mobility in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Acronym: InfoMob
Main Objective:
The main objective of the project is to devise and evaluate algorithms and protocols to support targeted information mobility in wireless ad hoc networks. The project will define and work in the following items:
• Applications and frameworks in which information mobility is suitable and definition of the intrinsic characteristics of such applications and frameworks
• Protocols and algorithms suitable for the defined scenarios
• Performance evaluation of the proposed protocols and algorithms
Reference: 1
Funding: ESF
Start Date: 01-09-2008
End Date: 01-09-2009
Team: Susana Isabel Barreto Miranda Sargento
Groups: Network Architectures and Protocols – Av
Partners: Politecnico di Torino, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Royal Institute of Technology, Universitat Politecnica de
Local Coordinator: Susana Isabel Barreto Miranda Sargento
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