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Project: HEAD – Integrated Class D Audio Amplifier with High Efficiency

Acronym: HEAD
Main Objective:
This project proposes to develop a novel class D audio amplifier for portable applications with high efficiency and very low harmonic distortion. Currently the research of portable audio codecs using mix linear-switching techniques is under high development, aiming high efficiency and audio fidelity. The class D amplifier is one of the most used circuit solution to obtain high efficiency.
Reference: 1
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-11-2008
End Date: 01-11-2010
Team: Jorge Manuel Correia Guilherme, Nuno Cavaco Gomes Horta, Maria Beatriz Mendes Batalha Vieira Borges, Rui Fuentecilla Maia Ferreira Neves, Manuel Fernando Martins de Barros, Carlos Alberto Farinha Ferreira
Groups: Integrated Circuits - Lx, Power Electronics - Lx
Local Coordinator: Jorge Manuel Correia Guilherme
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