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Research Position:

Note: This is a free translation of the original announcement written in Portuguese, provided only for convenience of non-Portuguese speakers. Only the Portuguese version has official value.
Science Communication and Dissemination Position
Funding Reference Number:
Project UIDB/50008/2020
One position for a fixed-term work contract is opened at Instituto de Telecomunicações, in the scope of the Project UIDB/50008/2020, funded by FCT through National Funds or, when applicable, Co-funded by EU. The work for this position is in the area of Science Communication and Outreach.
Scientific Area:
Admission Requirements:
Licenciatura degree in Social Communication (Licenciatura em Comunicação Social), or equivalent, with a grade point average not less than 14 in a 20-scale. Preference is given to candidates with a specialization or proven skills in Visual Communication and or cyber journalism. Experience with science communication is also a preference. Candidates are required to have high level of written and spoken English language skills as well as a high level of proactivity to undertake their role effectively. Candidates are also required to have good command of the usual Productivity tools (e.g Office Suite), and computer environment.
Work Objectives:
The work will be carried out in a research institute type environment, with the objective to collect, prepare and disseminate internally and externally news about technical achievements of the researchers, events, and other aspects of the institute’s life. The candidate must have the skills to talk to researchers about their work and translate it to nonprofessional language for the news.
Tasks include:
- News gathering and preparation of the monthly IT’s Newsletter;
- Daily preparation of news for IT’s information channels (e.g. IT’s web page, Facebook, Twiter, and YouTube) using information spontaneously sent by researchers, as well as actively gathered through interviews, and search on the web pages of the IT’s associated universities;
- Collaboration in the editing and production of outreach videos portraying IT researchers’ activities, or PhD student pitches;
- Management of multimedia content for the IT internal TV channel;
- Monitoring of news, information and format coherence throughout IT’s web portal, and reporting/correction of deviations;
- Collaboration for the edition of brochures of outreach publications, interfacing with external designers and print houses;
- Creation of dedicated infographics based on data gathered from IT’ intranet;
- Interfacing with communication offices from the associated Universities, as well as external social media.
- Participation in the IST "comunicaciencia workgroup", where all communications officers form different IST research institutions share experiences and get science communications tips and training."
Applicable legislation:
A contract with fixed term will be celebrated according to the Law no. 7/2009 of 12 February, under its current reading – Labour Code
Place of work:
The work will be based at the premises of Instituto de Telecomunicações in Lisbon, under the supervision of Professor Carlos A Fernandes. Activities will require however regular visits to the other Sites of IT in Portugal, for direct contact with research and researchers in their Labs. If the current attendance restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic persist during the contract period, work will be done remotely, coordinated through frequent meetings by videoconferencing tools and at least one monthly in-person meeting at Instituto de Telecomunicações Lisbon premises.
One year, renewable. Start date: 1st September 2020 (or soon thereafter no later than the 1st of October 2020).
Monthly salary:
1.256,73€ (gross)
Selection criteria:
  • C1 (50%)
    C1 - Curriculum vitae/Academic evaluation and suitability of the candidates’ profile to the specified job tasks
  • C2 (20%)
    C2 - Proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • C3 (30%)
    C3 - Interview and evaluation test

Each criteria, and the final classification F will be evaluated in a scale (0-20). The candidates will be ordered according to:
F = C1 x 50% + C2 x 20% + C3 x 30%
In case of a tie, the tied candidates will be ordered according to C1, then C2...
The Jury has the right to not admit any of the candidates that applied for this position whenever they consider that no candidate meets the minimum requirements for the position.
  • Prof. Carlos Eduardo do Rego da Costa Salema, Instituto de Telecomunicações Lisboa (President of the jury)
  • Prof. Carlos Antonio Cardoso Fernandes, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Prof. Marcelino Pousa, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes Aveiro
  • Prof. Paulo Luis Serras Lobato Correia, Instituto Superior Técnico (Substitute)
Communication of the results:
Candidates will be interviewed, and will have to perform a test for evaluation of the skills required for the position.
Results will be published at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, in Lisbon. The selected candidate will be notified by email
All the selection process is conducted through the IT web portal
No actions outside this platform are valid.
Required Documents:
Cover letter explaining the interest and professional fitness for the position in terms of the items listed in the requirements, detailed Curriculum Vitae with transcripts, Copy of the relevant certificates (Copy of the Degree Certificate).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the selected candidate has a degree obtained outside Portugal, his/her degree must be certified in Portugal. For more information see:
Direcção-Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES):

All the selection process is conducted through the IT web portal. No actions outside this platform are valid.
Application Period:
22-07-2020 to 04-08-2020
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