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Research Position:

Title: Research Scholarship for Master (preferential) or Bachelor degree - BIL/BIM/Nº 1076/2018
Funding Reference Number: ETAPAS project
Summary: A research position for one Research Grant (“Bolsa de Investigação“) is opened at Instituto de Telecomunicações, in the scope of the Project ETAPAS. The work for this position is in the area of User Experience/Customer Journey and Visual Design for Smart Cities Mobile Apps.
Scientific Area: Networks and Multimedia
Group: Telecommunications and Networking – Av
Admission Requirements: Master (preferential) or Bachelor degree on Graphical and Visual Design, User Centered Design Methodologies, Copywriting and Content Design, or equivalent, with background and some experience as frontend developer; preferable experience with Adobe Cloud tools. Self-motivation for user research, ability for teamwork and English language domain
Work Objectives: It is intended to integrate a Usability and User Experience Design team to research and design Smart Cities’ platforms for Sharing Cities project. This project aims to develop a strategy and tool for creating a Digital Social Market to promote the adoption of eco-sustainable behaviors in Smart Cities. One of the major challenges is the creation of incentives to convince citizens to adopt good energy and urban mobility or environmentally friendly behavior. To this end, a system of points (a kind of virtual social currency) is offered and is used to value such behavior. The more environmental friendly actions, like walking instead of driving, the more points will be earned by the citizen. Sharing Cities mobile application will be developed in this context. Citizens using this App will earn points with their savings in electricity consumption and eco-sustainable urban mobility (use of electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, walking, etc.). In addition, they also earn points when they move to neighborhood stores (support for local commerce), or when they participate in quizzes on mobility and energy. The points earned return to social causes, for example, regarding the improvement of public schools.
Applicable legislation: A fellowship will be celebrated according to the regulations defined by FCT, “Regulation of Instituto de Telecomunicações’ fellowships” and ”Regulation of Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources”, according to Law no. 40/2004, dated August 18 (Status of Scientific Research Fellow), as amended and republished by Decree-Law No.202/2012 of August 27, and as amended by Decree-Law No.233/2012 of October 29 and by Law No.12/2013 of January 29, and Decree-Law No. 89/2013 of July 9, and also by Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. Fellowship Regulation of Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P., approved by Regulation no. 234/2012, published in Series II of Diário da República of June 25 of 2012, amended and republished by Regulation no. 326/2013, published in Series II of Diário da República of July 27 of 2013 and amended by Regulation no. 339/2015, published in Series II of Diário da República of June 17 of 2015.
Place of work: The work will be developed at Aveiro premises of Instituto de Telecomunicações, under the supervision of Eng Telma Mota
Duration: 6 months, with the possibility of renewal each six months. Start date: July 2018
Monthly salary: The value of grant will be in line with the education qualifications, according to the table of grant amounts accorded between IT-Aveiro and AlticeLabs. The payment will be made by bank transfer.
Selection criteria:
Curriculum vitae/Academic evaluation  (30%)
Suitability of the candidates’ profile to the project based on the relevant work experience in the tasks described in the work plan  (40%)
Interview of the candidate  (30%)
Candidates may be interviewed for clarification of any aspect related to the above criteria
The Jury has the right to not admit any of the candidates that applied for this position.
Telma Mota
Luis Miguel Andrade Firmo Moreira Cortesão
Álvaro Henrique C. Gomes
Communication of the results: Results will be published at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, in Aveiro. The selected candidate will be notified by email.
Required Documents: Detailed Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio. Copy of the relevant certificates, degree certificate, description of prior work in the area and recommendation letter(s) are also welcome. Apply online clicking on the “Apply Now” button in this form. E-mail submissions are not accepted.
Application Period: 06-07-2018 to 20-07-2018
Assistance: Send Email
Published on: 06-07-2018