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Celebrate with us the 100th issue of the NEWS@IT, the newsletter of Instituto de Telecomunicações, which we have one hundred good reasons to celebrate. Also, because IT was established in 1992, this year we are also celebrating our Institute’s 30’th birthday.

Back in 1992, IT was one of the major products of Programa Ciência, the governmental instrument that boosted science like any other in Portugal. At that time, several professors from Instituto Superior Técnico (from University of Lisbon), University of Coimbra, University of Aveiro and engineers from CET, the research center of the Portuguese telecommunications company, CTT-TLP, united efforts to raise buildings, hire clerks and technicians, overcoming the traditional barriers that prevented scholars and companies from working together, and built an innovative research institution from scratch.

Since its birth, IT has been the incubator and home for many young engineers and scientists, gaining a prominent role in scientific research and development of telecommunications in Portugal. Therefore, IT was naturally granted the status of Institution of Public Utility in 1995, and of Associated Laboratory of the Portuguese State in 2001.

Although IT always preserved the values of academic research, such as democratic and distributed management, and the freedom of thought and scientific topic selection, it also wanted to actively contribute to society, long before the nowadays buzzwords of public policies’ support and response to societal challenges. Therefore, in 2005, the first issue of the IT newsletter, at that time IT_news, was published. Moreover, as IT inscribed in its mission statement the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge, as well as technology transfer, IT soon opened its doors to national and international companies for services and mostly collaborative research, which culminated in 2018 when IT was recognized by the National Innovation Agency a Center of Technological Interface.

For all these 30 years of IT service to science, high education and technology transfer in Portugal, 

Our highlights ...
In our 30th Anniversary...

and, in this 100th special issue, we bring you glances at the IT journey. 
The issue reviews a short sample of the remarkable work that our research team has been contributing for 30 years, actively creating and transferring knowledge in the field of Telecommunications.

Our landmarks ...
Cellular mobile broadband communications
The goal was ambitious, even by today’s standards: to offer 150 Mbit/s data rate per user, at user terminal speeds up to 150 km/h...It was too much, too early!

Testimonial of Carlos Fernandes
We were very lucky to have a city that was open to hosting a living lab. The massive deployment in Oporto of a network of more than 600 vehicles was cumbersome, but also very unique... 

Testimonial of Susana Sargento
Square kilometer array (SKA)
IT joined 2008 the international efforts to design and construct the Square Kilometer Array Observatory (SKAO) – the world’s largest radio telescope. No doubt IT contributed to the science discovery window provided by SKA to Humankind...

Testimonial of Domingos Barbosa 
In 2021, we installed a secure quantum link between the Air Force Command and the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces, in collaboration with the Portuguese Defense. This has indeed been quite a long journey...

Testimonial of Armando Pinto
Steering Board of the European Technology Platform
IT has been designated in 2016 as Chair of the Steering Board, and has seen its mandate renewed in later years. This has been a major event, with an academic leading for the first time NetWorld2020. A set of international events took place...

Testimonial of Rui Aguiar
I am driven by purposeful research with the potential to create a real impact and improve people's lives! 
The pioneering work of Pattern and Image Analysis research group in biomedical instrumentation, signal acquisition, and data science, is responsible for the nascent field of “Invisibles” for health...

Testimonial of Hugo Silva
Project BEACON brings high-speed internet to flight passengers
Within the scope of the EU project BEACON, IT was able to demonstrate the first-ever real-time photonic beamformer for processing 4 input Ka-band signals (1Gbit/s QPSK at 28GHz carrier), including an array of modulators, a multi-core optical fiber amplifier, and a silicon photonic integrated beamformer...

Testimonial of Rogério Nogueira
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The New Interface for Digital Engagement
Didimo was created in 2016, after more than 14 years years of research in the virtual character creation field initiated in IT. Veronica Orvalho, IT researcher and CEO of Didimo, offers us in this special issue a personal testimonial of the success, mainly sponsored by Portuguese investors: Portugal Ventures, Armilar, Sonae/BRPX, 200M, Bynd Ventures, LC Ventures, Ideas Glaciares and Techstars. A truly Made-in-Portugal result since its inception at IT!

"Didimo – “twin” in Greek - is the leading creator of high-fidelity digital humans. In only 90 seconds, our technology enables the generation and delivery of highly photorealistic 3D avatars from a single selfie, including detailed facial animation rigs that can deliver lifelike performances. But to get here, there were a lot of challenges ahead..."
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"Predicting the future is a responsibility that neither engineers nor scientists are willing to take; although, they often forget it. So, when I accepted the challenge to project IT's research fields into the next 30 years, I knew the risks I was taking. After all, we still have in mind what happened by the end of the 19th Century, when most physicists were convinced that we already knew everything that needed to be known on Mechanics and Electromagnetism, and the first couple of decades of the 20th Century came to prove they were completely wrong..."

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Ehsan Yaghoubi 
Soft Biometric Analysis: Multi-Person and Real-Time Pedestrian Attribute Recognition in Crowded Urban Environments

Ph.D. in Informatics Engineering by the University of Beira Interior, November 2021, supervised by Hugo Proenca and Morgado Dias (University of Beira Interior).
His Ph.D. research contributes to the human soft biometric analysis in uncontrolled environments and mainly focuses on two tasks: Pedestrian Attribute Recognition (PAR) and person re-identification (re-id) from visual surveillance data. 
Currently, Ehsan is a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

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Jun Li

Supervised at the time by the late IT’s José Bioucas-Dias, Jun Li received her Ph.D. in 2011, in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), for her thesis “Discriminative Hyperspectral Image Segmentation”. She is, currently, a professor at the School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-sen University, in Guangzhou (China).

She talked with us about her journey...

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