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Environment-assisted quantum walks in disordered graphs

on 22-10-2013

... Leonardo Novo, Physics of Information Group - IT
25/10/2013, 15:00 ­ Room P4.35, Mathematics Building, IST. Please note exceptional time and room

We study quantum walks in different network structures. We model the quantum transport by a tight-binding hamiltonian with site-energies disorder, and the interaction with the environment by pure dephasing noise. Furthermore, we introduce losses and a trapping site in the structure and calculate numerically the transport efficiency to this site. We find that optimal efficiency is achieved when the time-scale associated with dephasing matches that of the site-to-site hopping. Joint work with Y. Omar and M. Mohseni.

Quantum Computation and Information Seminar

The Pre-Construction of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) kicks-off:

on 16-10-2013

... The 2013 SKA Engineering Meeting was held on October 7-11, 2013 in Manchester (UK) and gathered over 200 participants from academia and industry areas, including the Portuguese representatives.
In November 4, 2013 the SKA Project took another major step towards the start of the construction of the world’s largest radio telescope, with the announcement of the teams who will be responsible for its final design. In total, more than three hundred and fifty scientists and engineers, representing 18 nations and drawn from nearly one hundred institutions, universities and industry have the challenging task to work on the critical detailed design phase which will usher in the most sensitive and powerful telescope ever devised.
The Portuguese Consortium has a strong presence in the SKA, which is the largest project of global science and the most ambitious program of innovation in the world for this decade. Instituto de Telecomunicações contributes in areas such as “Mid-Frequency Aperture Array” (MFAA), “Telescope Manager” (TM)”, “Science Data Processor” (SDP) and “Signal and Data Transport” (SaDT).